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Following are a few of the topics covered :

Garden in containers

The soil, compost, oxygen, nutrients, microorganisms, and light all play a key role in organic farming. Learn the secrets of creating the right environment for your plants;

Improve your skills for a more productive garden

Réduction du travail requis pour un jardin en santé et productif. Survol de différentes techniques : irrigation, paillage, couverture, filet, buttage, occultation, protection intégrée.

Starting and acclimation of seedlings/indoor growing

Overview of « cream of the crop » varieties. Learn how to plan, select and start your seedlings in the spring; what are the growth parameters and recommended upkeep; how to acclimate your plants for successful outdoor transplantation;

Soil fertility and organic fertilization

Learn how to establish soil fertility and how to improve it through mechanical means and the use of green fertilizers, various organic supplements, and fertilizers and how to fertilize containers;

The ABC of seedlings

Lighting and ventilation techniques, soil preparation, equipment, types of seeds, production calendar, potential problems, acclimation of plants, fertilization, and much more will no longer hold any secrets from you.

Outdoor growing from April to December

This training for gardening aces covers the art of executing successive seeding and transplantation operations throughout the season to produce more vegetables with the same land surface, and over a longer period. Tips and advice to get the most pleasure out of your gardening efforts from the last spring snowmelt to the first fall snowfall.

Growing medical cannabis

Vous possédez votre permis de culture de cannabis personnel à des fins médicales, mais vous n’êtes pas familiers avec les pièges qui vous guettent. Notre équipe d’experts vous offre les formations pertinentes à votre succès : souches génétiques, aménagement d’une chambre de culture, contrôle du climat,n systèmes d’éclairage, fertilisation biologique, lutte contre les insectes et maladies, etc.

Garden pests

Formation de 2 heures pour apprendre à déceler les insectes portant préjudice à vos récoltes : dépistage et identification des dommages qu’ils causent.

Useful garden insects

A 2 hours training on how to identify and attract useful insects in your garden as well as use predatory insects within an integrated control strategy;

Planning a gardening season.

Learn to plan the chain of events and establish all the required elements and equipment.

Une planification de A à Z :
seedlings, transplantation to the garden, fertilization, pest and weed control, soil toiling, all the relevant elements and equipment for each step, and much more;

Irrigation systems

Irrigation management is often quite a challenge for gardeners. Yet, it is one of the most important factors in the success of one’s garden. Learn how to install a simple and inexpensive irrigation system. Watering your garden will no longer be such a chore.

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